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About Us

What we do at Brainy Kids: We provide training programs that help build and enhance your child's skill sets.

Our "Abacus and Personality Development Program” equips children with outstanding skills in critical areas to help them achieve greater competence in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

Our Mission: To train children towards developing and optimizing the usage of their mental prowess through our Abacus and Personality Development Program.

Role of the Abacus:

Abacus has long been used since ancient times as a tool to aid in Arithmetical calculations. Even today, it continues to be used in certain Asian countries not just in schools, but also in daily life by people in different walks of life.

The abacus is no less than a magical tool when it comes to simplifying complex mathematical calculations that can befuddle the common man. When a student masters the Abacus through a well-defined program and internalises the method to calculate the most challenging Maths, the outcome is magical.

The popularity of an abacus learning program lies in its effect to improve the visualization, mental focus and concentration among the school-going children while at the same time, enabling them to do mental arithmetical calculations with ease, improved accuracy and speed.

Our Personality development program helps in the holistic development of the child through improved writing, communication, team-building and social skills.

Winter Camp from 18th to 29th December, 2016

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